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I used to make a lot of mistakes in my writing. My grammar was really bad, even though I tried hard to fix it. I had problems with punctuation, my sentences were all messed up, and I didn’t even ask about making sure my subjects and verbs agreed.

I worked really hard, but my writing still looked like a battlefield of errors. Then, I figured out how to use ChatGPT to help me with grammar. By asking it the right questions, I unlocked its power to fix complicated grammar mistakes.

Now, I use ChatGPT prompts to correct grammar mistakes. in texts super quickly – grammar, punctuation, and sentences.

This guide shows you the questions I ask to make ChatGPT fix grammar mistakes, punctuation problems, and weird sentences. You don’t have to struggle with fixing grammar errors anymore – let ChatGPT do the hard work for you!

chatgpt grammar checker prompts

Writing filled with errors? ChatGPT to the rescue. Ask the right questions to access its AI editing superpowers. Fix grammar mistakes, punctuation problems, and tangled sentences with ease. Clear communication is made simple in your blog posts, academic writing, books, rewritten content, craft essays, and even emails. Let this virtual assistant handle the messy details so you can get your point across effectively with precision grammar and language.

You can use ChatGPT to verify an article’s grammar by simply entering the article’s text and asking the chatbot to “check spelling and grammar.” you can also change style and tone with desired author styles using our specialized prompts for different writing styles and tones.

After that, ChatGPT will go through the content and call attention to any grammar mistakes it finds. you can use ChatGPT’s 20 ready-to-copy prompts templates to suggest corrections for any spelling or grammar errors.

For an automated grammar checker that offers real-time suggestions and corrections, consider using Grammarly. It’s a powerful tool for writers of all levels seeking to improve their writing quality.

1. Please review the grammar and punctuation in this text and recommend any corrections: [paste text]
2. Please check the writing in this paragraph to ensure proper grammar usage and suggest edits: 
[paste paragraph] 
3. Could you analyze this article and provide feedback on grammatical errors that should be corrected: 
[paste article]
4. It would be helpful if you could evaluate this email draft for grammar issues and advise on fixes: 
[paste email draft]
5. I am working on a research document and would value your assessment of the grammar and recommendations for improvement: 
[paste research draft]
6. As I prepare for an interview, checking that my resume is grammatically sound would help me make a good impression: 
[paste resume]
7. Reviewing spelling, grammar, and punctuation in this passage would help me improve my writing: 
[paste passage]
8. Providing constructive criticism on the use of grammar in this summary would assist me in clarifying the ideas: 
[paste summary]
9. Examining this brochure draft for proper syntax and grammar would benefit the editing process greatly: 
[paste brochure draft]  
10. I would be grateful if you could analyze this report for any grammar corrections needed before submission: 
[paste report]
11. For my upcoming presentation, I need to confirm that the script is grammatically sound. Can you go over it?: 
[Paste your script]
12. I've written a cover letter for a job application. Could you critique the grammar and offer suggestions?: 
[Paste your cover letter]
13. As I prepare my manuscript for publication, I seek your assistance in reviewing its grammar. Can you do that?: 
[Paste your manuscript]
14. I’m finalizing a project report and would appreciate your help in scrutinizing the grammar. Can you examine it?: 
[Paste your report]
15. I'm preparing a presentation and would appreciate it if you could review my slides to ensure correct grammar and suggest any edits: 
[paste slides]
16. As I finalize this business proposal, a keen eye to confirm proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation would be very helpful: 
[paste proposal]  
17. Reviewing the word choice and grammar in my university admission essay would greatly assist me in making sure it conveys my thoughts clearly: 
[paste admission essay]
18. I want the messaging in my social media post to be clear and grammatically correct - could you please proofread and provide feedback?: 
[paste social media post]
19. Examining the grammar and tone used in my cover letter would help ensure I make the right impression to the hiring manager: 
[paste cover letter]  
20. Checking over the figures, facts, and language used in my financial report is key before sending it to leadership - could you review and advise if changes are needed?: 
[paste financial report excerpt]

Watch this helpful tutorial for a step-by-step guide on using ChatGPT to improve your writing,


Writing filled with errors? ChatGPT to the rescue. Ask the right questions to access its AI editing superpowers. Fix grammar mistakes, punctuation problems, and tangled sentences with ease. Clear communication is made simple. Let this virtual assistant handle the messy details so you can get your point across effectively.

The bottom line? You no longer have to face those grammar battlefields alone. Put ChatGPT to work and communicate ideas clearly and confidently.

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