ChatGPT Writing Prompts That Every Storyteller Needs to Try

Welcome to the world of storytelling where every sentence you write can transport readers to new horizons!

Ever since I was a child, I loved losing myself in the pages of a good story, each plot twist and character revelation sparking my imagination. Today, I’m excited to share that this article offers a collection of prompts designed for every genre and mood, crafted with insights from literary experts. Tailored for creators like you, these prompts are your ticket to not just tell a story, but to enchant your audience.

Dive in and discover the power of a well-placed word or a perfectly timed plot twist—all it takes is one prompt to begin your next storytelling adventure!

Cozy Mystery Writing Prompts

I really liked my first cozy mystery story, It had exciting parts and was nice to read. Let’s see how ChatGPT can help us make our own cozy mysteries about small towns, We’ll get special prompts and tips for telling stories.

What Makes a Mystery “Cozy”

  • Cozy mysteries are a special kind of story where the suspense is gentle and the setting feels safe and familiar, like a small town or a tight-knit community.
  • These stories usually have less violence and focus more on solving puzzles. The main character often isn’t a professional detective but an ordinary person who likes to solve mysteries.


(1). Strange noises have been heard in the historic [Building]. As the new [Job Title], your character decides to investigate these sounds after hours, leading to an unexpected historical discovery. What is hidden in the walls?

(2). Legend says that a hidden treasure lies buried in the old part of [Location]. When a mysterious map turns up in your protagonist’s mailbox, they can’t help but follow it. What adventures await them?

(3). Just before the annual [Event] in [Town Name], a scandalous secret threatens to ruin everything. Can your protagonist, a beloved [Occupation], solve the mystery before the event is spoiled?

(4). In [Town Name], [Character’s] pet [Animal] seems distressed and leads them to a clue involved in a local mystery. How does your character interpret the signals and solve the case?

(5). When a rare [Object] goes missing during the [Town Festival] in [Town Name], rumors fly about a possible curse. Can your main character uncover the real story behind the misplaced [Object] and restore peace to the community?

Tips on How to Develop a Cozy Mystery Plot Using These Prompts

  • Start by setting your story in a comforting place where everyone knows each other. This could be a village, a small island, or a secluded estate.
  • Introduce a likable main character who is curious and a bit nosy, perfect for uncovering secrets.
  • Use the prompts to create a mystery that starts with something small, like a missing pet or a strange message, and let it slowly grow into a larger puzzle.
  • Keep the tone light and focus on the community and the relationships between characters rather than on danger or violence.
  • As your characters solve the mystery, make sure the solution involves clever thinking and observation, showing how everyday skills can solve puzzles.

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Moral Stories Script Prompts

Growing up, moral stories shaped my understanding of right and wrong, providing timeless lessons through captivating tales. Join me as we explore how to craft impactful moral stories with ChatGPT, delving into their significance and the key elements that make them resonate.


(1). [Character Name] finds a mysterious mirror in [Location] that shows people’s true intentions. As [he/she/they] navigate[s] through various interactions, use this fantastical element to explore the consequences of deceit and the importance of integrity.

(2). In [Location], [Character Name] succumbs to greed when [he/she/they] discover[s] [Valuable Object]. Explore the fallout of their actions and the moral lesson learned.

(3). When [Character Name], a [Job or Role], prevents a disaster at [Location] through a small but crucial action, craft a narrative about the unseen impact of everyday heroism and the importance of doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

(4). In the busy world of [Location], [Character Name] struggles with impatience. Craft a story where [Character Name] encounters a situation that teaches the benefits of waiting calmly and thoughtfully.

(5). [Character Name] makes a promise to keep [Sensitive Information] secret, but the truth could save someone’s trouble at [Location]. Dive into the struggle between loyalty and justice, detailing the emotional and moral turmoil.

Discussion on the Elements That Make a Good Moral Story

A good moral story is simple but powerful. It should have:

  • Clear moral or lesson: The story’s message about right and wrong should be obvious.
  • Relatable characters: Characters should face realistic problems or decisions that the audience can understand.
  • Emotional connection: The story should make readers or viewers feel something, whether it’s happiness, sadness, or empathy, which helps the moral stick.
  • Satisfying resolution: The end of the story should resolve the characters’ problems in a way that reinforces the moral.

Learn more about how traditional storytelling techniques can enhance your moral stories in our article, ChatGPT and the Art of Traditional Storytelling.

Prompts for Writing Motivational Stories

Have you ever felt lazy on the couch, wanting to follow your dreams but not sure how? I’ve felt that way a lot 🙂 Let’s talk about how ChatGPT can help us make stories that motivate us to get up, go after our dreams, and feel happy doing it.


(1). [Character Name] has always dreamed of [Achievement or Goal]. Despite doubts from friends and family in [Location], they press on. Describe their determination and the breakthrough moment that makes their dream a reality, motivating readers to pursue their own passions.

(2). [Character Name] loses everything in [Disaster/Event] but finds the courage to rebuild. Highlight their journey of resilience and the key moment that turned despair into hope.

(3). [Character Name] has always been underestimated in [Field/Sport/Activity]. Write about their journey as they defy expectations and compete in the [Significant Event], demonstrating resilience and determination.

(4). [Character Name], with no prior experience in [Field/Industry], decides to enter [Competitive Scenario]. Outline their journey of learning, growth, and the ultimate triumph that surprises everyone, including themselves.

(5). Write about a character who faces a major setback in their career or personal life in [Location/Field]. Detail their journey of resilience and the steps they take to make a remarkable comeback, inspiring readers to never give up.

For tips on how to perfect the style and tone of your motivational stories, explore our guide on 110 Effective Writing Style and Tone for ChatGPT Prompts.

Kid’s Story Prompts

From the magical bedtime stories that transported me to far-off lands as a child, I’ve learned the power of storytelling in sparking young imaginations.

Let’s dive into how ChatGPT can help us craft enchanting tales that not only entertain but also teach valuable lessons to the next generation.


(1). In a magical forest, [Animal Character], a wise old owl, opens a school for young animals. Each student discovers their own special magic power on the first day. What magical lessons do they learn that are both fun and educational?

(2). In [Character Name]’s backyard, there’s a hidden garden where the plants can talk. One day, the flowers ask for help to save the garden from a mysterious blight. How does [Character Name] help, and what do they learn about nature and caring for the environment?

(3). [Character Name], a curious school kid, discovers that their backpack can transport them to [Historical Time Period/Imaginary World]. What lessons do they learn in their adventures that could help them with their everyday life challenges?

(4). A small but brave animal in [Location, e.g., a forest, a city park] must save its home from an unexpected threat. How does it overcome fears and what clever solutions can it teach children about bravery and problem-solving?

(5). [Character Name] discovers that every full moon, their stuffed animals come to life and have a moonlight dance party. What happens when they decide to join the party, and what magical moments do they share?

Romance Story Writing Prompts

From cozy cafes in Paris to the little moments in my own life, I’ve always loved romantic tales. Let’s explore how ChatGPT can help us create these stories. We’ll delve into different kinds of relationships and learn how to write about love in a beautiful way. Come along!


(1). In the bustling city of [City Name], [Character Name], a meticulous editor, receives a love letter in a mistaken delivery at her office. Intrigued and touched by the heartfelt words, she decides to find the intended recipient. What begins as a quest to correct an error evolves into an unexpected journey of self-discovery and romance.

(2). On a late-night train ride back to [Destination], [Character Name], a young artist, meets [Other Character Name], a charismatic traveler with a love for adventure. Struck by their shared interests and instant connection, their conversation sparks the potential for more. How will their story unfold by the time they reach their destination?

(3). At a bustling office in [Location], [Character Name], an account manager, starts receiving unexpected, thoughtful gifts at her desk. Each gift comes with a clue about the giver. Determined to find out who’s behind these surprises, she unravels a trail of clues that leads to an admirer closer than she imagined.

(4). Trapped at [Airport Name] due to a storm, [Character Name], a corporate lawyer, and [Other Character Name], a documentary filmmaker, find themselves sharing a power outlet and life stories. As hours pass, their initial inconvenience turns into a meaningful connection. What relationship might be taking off by the time they board their flights?

(5). Every weekend in the quaint [City/Town] library, [Character Name], an aspiring novelist, encounters [Other Character Name], who shares a passion for Victorian literature. These serendipitous meetings soon lead to coffee dates discussing their favorite passages. Could their shared love for books be the beginning of their own love story?

If you’re looking to learn more about creating compelling story prompts, watch this video for tips and techniques with ChatGPT.

How to write a story with ChatGPT

The Final Chapter

As our journey through the realms of romance comes to a close, remember that each story you write is a doorway into another world—a world of potential love, adventure, and connection.

These prompts are merely keys to unlock your imagination. Grab one and see where it leads you; perhaps towards a love story that might just inspire hearts to flutter, just as the tales of old have inspired yours.

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